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Related post: GPO 895-100 LABORATORY OF MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 1983 Annual Report Table of Contents 201 AI Project Number Summary 00006-12 00013-20 00018-17 00027-16 00190-05 00218-02 00219-02 00220-02 00222-02 00353-01 Competence Development and Genetic Exchange Mechanisms Among Streptococci --Ranhand Studies of Viral Antigens in Virus-Induced Tumors-- Lewis Biological and Biochemical Characterization of Human Papovaviruses--Takemoto Basic Studies of Mycoplasmas--Tul ly The Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotic Cells and Their Viruses--Martin Biochemical and Chemical Studies on Retroviral DNA--Repask.e Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Streptococci and Anaerobic Bacteria (Revised Title)--LeBlanc Structure and Function of the Oncogene Products of Polyomavirus — Ito Characterization of Endogenous Ecotropic and Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Viruses--Theodore Molecular Biology and Biochemical Structure of Endogenous Provi ruses of Mice--Khan Page 24-1 24-11 24-12 24-13 24-14 24-15 24-16 24-17 24-18 24-19 24-20 PHS-NIH SUMMARY REPORT ANNUAL REPORT OF THE LABORATORY OF MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY, NIAID October 1, 1982 - September 30, 1983 Dr. Malcolm A. Martin Chief, Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology The Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology (LMM) applies molecular biological techniques to study the structure and regulation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genes. Our research goals are to answer fundamental questions in microbiology by examining host cells and associated microorganisms at the molecular level. While a great deal of effort is directed to animal virus systems, bacterial and mycoplasma organisms are also investigated. Relying heavily on such biochemical techniques as nucleic acid hybridization, restriction enzyme mapping, DMA cloning, and nucleotide sequencing procedures, LMM staff members have produc- tively investigated a variety of genes involved in the interaction of a particu- lar microorganism Buy Ddavp and its host cell. In many cases, newer technologies have been combined with more conventional assay systems, particularly following the construction of novel and potentially active DNA recombinants. During the past year, considerable progress has been made in several different areas. Many members of the Biochemical Virology Section have had a long- standing interest in retroviruses. The focus of these investigations has been the detailed analysis of endogenous proviral DNA found in mice and man. Although retrovirus particles contain an RNA genome, a DNA copy of the viral RNA is synthesized following virus infection, becomes integrated into the host-cell chromosome, and is the template from which messenger and genomic RNA is copied. The genome of normal vertebrate cells contains multiple copies of retrovirus DNA which are vertically transmitted. In the mouse and avian systems, some of these copies of retroviral DNA (so-called "proviruses") are expressed as competent, infectious virus particles. Most of these "endogenous" copies of retroviral DNA, however, do not give rise to infectious virions since they contain multiple deletions and rearrangements. The status and function of the more than 50 copies of proviral DNA in normal or diseased cells Buy Ddavp Online are presently not under- stood. It is our goal, using molecular biological techniques, to begin unravel- ing the function of this multi-copy family of genes. Our studies in this area were initiated about four years ago as a result of collaborative arrangements made with Dr. Wallace Rowe and his colleagues in the Laboratory of Viral Diseases (LVD, NIAID). During this period, considerable progress was made in the biochemical characterization of the different classes of endogenous murine leukemia virus (MuLV) sequences present in the mouse genome. The success of these experiments was in a large part due to Dr. Rowe's interest and leadership, particularly during the early phases of these studies. His important contribu- tions to our research program in this area will be sorely Generic Ddavp missed. One model of retrovirus- induced leukemogenesis involves the generation of dual- tropic MuLVs following recombination between spontaneously induced ecotropic MuLVs and endogenous proviral DNA segments present in mouse chromosomal DNA. Subsequent to the recombination event, the dual -tropic MuLVs may gain entry into
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